Credit Protocol Token Sale Finishes

Jared Bowie

BlockMason is proud to announce the conclusion of the Credit Protocol token sale. The remaining tokens were purchased by STI Group based in Hong Kong. BlockMason Co-Founder Michael Chin has been in close touch with them and was able to present our vision for the future of the Credit Protocol, a detailed technical walkthrough of our upcoming mainnet deployment of the protocol, and behind-the-scenes legal work to protect our intellectual property through patents and licenses. Through this STI was convinced that BCPTs represent a scare resource for developers going forward.

The end of the token sale represents a welcome change in priorities at BlockMason. Going forward we’re excited to give our full attention to the Credit Protocol and growing BlockMason the company as a leader in the blockchain space.

As we’ve previously announced the Credit Protocol and the beta version of Friend in Debt are nearly ready to go live on the mainnet. The auditing of the protocol is being handled by Roy Blankman who we just hired. Roy is also heavily involved in Bamboo and working closely with Yoichi Hirai of the Ethereum Foundation.

We have other projects in the pipeline as well. BlockMason is currently developing a standalone DApp browser which we will release for free and open source to the Ethereum community. We are also in the planning stages of writing additional UCACs for the Credit Protocol, some of which we previously hadn’t thought of and give an even more unique vision of what the Credit Protocol can be used for.

We’d like to thank all customers who participated in the Credit Protocol token sale and would like to let everyone know that we will provide technical support to all things Credit Protocol related at via email at