Credit Protocol Whitepaper


BlockMason is excited to announce the upcoming token sale for our new Credit Protocol.

The Credit Protocol allows users to track, record, and settle debts anywhere in the world in any currency, dramatically expanding the scope of the blockchain economy. Customers can either use existing applications built atop the Credit Protocol, or build their own contracts that implement the protocol. While the possible uses for the Credit Protocol are virtually limitless, possible applications include:

  • University campus cash and meal voucher system

  • Bonuses for employees, redeemable within the company

  • Airline miles and vendor loyalty points

  • Microloans and crowdfunding

  • Consumer loans and development loans

  • And much more!

We are also proud to announce our first fully-functional distributed application built atop the Credit Protocol: Friend in Debt. Friend in Debt is the perfect tool for recording debts between friends, and is not limited by international boundaries or transaction amount. We like to think of it as - Like Venmo on the blockchain, but better!

We invite you to read our WHITEPAPER for further details. Or, start using Friend in Debt right now!

Finally, BlockMason is also happy to say that our token sale will be open to all customers, including those in the United States. The product-use tokens for sale during our token sale are fully-compliant with all SEC regulations, meaning purchasers don’t have to worry about the security of their tokens, and we have a legal opinion to back it up.

Unlike most companies with a token sale, we already have a working product and can’t wait for you to test it out. Our token sale will begin within a month.