Post Whitelist Sale Announcement


IMPORTANT: If you’re not on the whitelist you must wait until Oct 8 at UTC 1600 to buy. Many people are sending Ether to the BlockMason sales contract. More than half of it is being rejected. This is because you MUST be on the whitelist to buy.

Also, we know that some individuals are selling hundreds of whitelist addresses. These are not safe. All whitelist addresses being sold can be stolen from, because the seller still has the private key. Do not buy these.

On a positive note, we are happy to announce that the allotted whitelist sale period was a success! Our early supporters were able to participate and most got the bonus they wanted. There will be an additional period to purchase tokens for whitelisted customers on Oct 6 at UTC 1600.

We’re preparing for the next phase of the sale which will be a short 2 day period where whitelisted customers can purchase an unlimited amount of tokens (up to the sale cap). This will be followed an opening of the sale to the public.

Here are the dates below:

Whitelist Unlimited Sale Starts Oct 6 at 1600 UTC.
Public Sale Starts Oct 8 at 1600 UTC.

Please be careful and don’t buy whitelisted addresses and watch out for scammers in chats. Our only sales contract is blockmason.eth don't use anything else.