Token Sale Smart Contract Live


The BlockMason Credit Protocol token sale contract is ready!

BlockMason Token Sale Instructions

On October 1st at 1600 UTC the whitelist only allocated sale will start. If you’re whitelisted you will be able to buy tokens from your whitelisted address. Here are some instructions:

  1. You can only buy once! During the whitelist allocation period you can only send one buy order. All others will be rejected.

  2. The buy limit is 5.38170221247757624 Ether or 5381702212477576240 wei per whitelisted address. You can buy up to this amount or less. You can only do one buy order no matter if you do the max or not.

  3. The sales address is blockmason.eth We will post this in multiple places along with the hex address. Always double check the address and if you’re using MyEtherWallet be very careful to be on the right site.

  4. The gas limit is 150,000.

  5. Once again, you can only buy once. Make sure your first buy order is for the amount you want.

We will then start the whitelist unlimited buy period on October 6th at 1600 UTC. During this time anyone with a whitelisted address can buy as many tokens and as many times as they want up to the cap of the sale which is 27000 ETH.

On Oct 8th at 1600 UTC any unsold tokens will be for sale to the public.

We are in the process of putting together a more detailed instruction guide, stay tuned.

Visit Credit Protocol Token Sale Site

Please read the terms and conditions before participating