Why We're Going Mobile

Timothy Galebach

TLDR; mobile dapps are easier to show your friends

When we started writing dapps, it seemed natural to use JS+HTML, since that seemed like the fastest way to get things to market.

On top of that, Metamask was the only wallet that really worked well for using dapps, and it was in browsers, and meant to work with JS and HTML.

Now, however, Blockmason has decided that all its future applications will be mobile only. Let's talk about how we think this will help the company, and the blockchain ecosystem in general.

First, and most important, is user experience. Ethereum and blockchain protocols are still new and fragile, so we need to give as clean and controlled an experience to end users as possible, in terms of dapp interaction and key management. Metamask is great and all, but it's not easy to explain to your dad (or mine, and he went to Yale).

This control will also allow us to demo our apps to interested people much better, especially at conferences and in informal networking. Currently, we end up explaining what we're doing, or showing on a laptop, and that destroys the whole concept.

All of this leads up to our key endgame: mass adoption. By making dapps that are intended for ease of use, and eliminate a lot of Ethereum's rough edges, we hope to be able to drive mass adoption--or at least make it easier for your friends to get an idea of what blockchain is all about.

We'll be releasing the mobile version of Friend in Debt soon, and we think you'll like what you see. In the meantime, if you hate computers, join our Telegram.