Yohan John Kim joins Blockmason as Advisor


Blockmason is proud to announce that it has brought on blockchain and venture capital veteran, Yohan John Kim, as its Advisor for the Korea Market. In addition to Blockmason, Yohan also serves as Advisor for blockchain companies PlayCoinGame & KStarCoin, and is a Limited Partner of Pantera’s ICO Fund.

Yohan grew up in Chicago and graduated in 2004 from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Finance. After college, Mr. Kim joined Citigroup’s Global Technology Investment Banking Division as an Analyst. Following Citigroup, Yohan joined Kennet Partners & TeleSoft Partners as a venture capitalist where he closed a US$10m investment into SchoolWires (acquired by Blackboard) and US$7.5m investment into Recommind (acquired by OpenText).

Mr. Kim has also developed solid operational experience as Senior Vice President of International of eDaijia (driver chauffeur service in China with over 100,000 drivers), Senior Director of Operations & Head Korea of Kabam (acquired by Netmarble and Fox for US$800m) and Director of Advertising, Business Intelligence, Global Strategy Group of Gree Korea.

“I am excited to bring BlockMason’s Credit Protocol and Lndr app to the Korean Market given the success of Korean mobile payment mobile app, Toss. Lndr is a unique and disruptive solution, a first of its kind, solving key issues facing the cryptocurrency world today, adoption and use, at the consumer level. Lndr brings new innovation to the mobile payment ecosystem by allowing users to create and track IOUs and schedule settlement of debts (including settlement via major cryptocurrencies). Korea is a financial powerhouse in the cryptocurrency world today, and Lndr will provide a new and innovative option for consumers to settle debt/payments via mobile application and cryptocurrencies.” quote from Yohan John Kim.

Indeed, according to Forbes, Toss is now the fastest-growing mobile P2P payment service globally, and has reached US$12 billion transaction volume this year. “Putting that into context, Venmo, another Paypal-backed startup, took four years to reach the same rate and is currently processing $2.5 billion in monthly transactions, Toss says. But Toss, with 12 million users, was able to reach that benchmark in about half the time and has sights on breaking even in the near future — a global first in the P2P payments space, says founder and CEO Seung-gun Lee.” quote from Forbes.

In addition to building the Credit Protocol and Lndr community in Korea, Yohan will also lead Business Development & Strategy in Korea for Blockmason. Mr. Kim has already fielded inquiries from partners spanning from accounting firms to merchants who are interested in developing on the Credit Protocol for the Korean market.

// Blockmason Team